Herbies - Straight Extension

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Add height to any Herbie's 2" wide acrylic bong or buildable base and extension with Herbies straight extensions.  Available with or without a perc and in various lengths and colours.  The possibilities are endless with Herbies extension pieces.

Includes black mouth ring, and character sticker.

Pair with Herbies bubble base, straight base, or stemless base

All Herbies extensions and bases are manufactured and distributed in Canada.


12" Regular Reorder: AE-12

12" Perc Reorder: AEP-12

15" Regular Reorder: AE-15

15" Perc Reorder: AEP-15

18" Regular Reorder: AE-18

18" Perc Reorder: AEP-18

24" Regular Reorder: AE-24

36" Regular Reorder: AE-36

48" Regular Reorder: AE-48

60" Regular Reorder: AE-60

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