Canadian Lumber - Pre Rolled Cones

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Canadian Lumber cones available for wholesale in Canada. Find our Canadian Lumber 1 1/4 papers here

Canadian Lumber Pre rolled cones come with 24 packs per box and 6 cones per pack

The Hippy has a unique blend sure to satisfy the mindful smoker.  A high percentage of flax gives these papers a similar feel and experience as traditional rice paper, but without the bleach refinement.

The Greens are made from 100% unrefined, unbleached hemp.  The papers are so unrefined that you can still see many intact fibers resulting in a smooth, even burn.  The Greens are the slowest burning product that Canadian Lumber carries.

The Woods are made from 100% natural wood pulp.  The slim and unrefined wood fibers allow these papers to be pressed into the thinnest of all the Canadian Lumber papers.


Reorder: CDN L-(type) CONE

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