Herbies - Jars and Ashtrays Bundle

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SAVE $10.20 (10%) with this Herbies Glass bundle! This bundle includes both cases of Herbies Jars along with a case of Herbies Ashtrays.

Each case comes with a master UPC code as well individual bar codes for each item. 

Herbies medium sized air tight wooden lid pop top jars come in 2 different packs of 6 for a total of 12 jars included in the bundle.

Pack 1: Limonene terpene, gold leaf, pinene terpene, diesel jug, dry erase, and green leaf labels

Pack 2: diesel pump, linalool terpene, caryophyllene terpene, Herbies bubble bong, blue leaf, and purple leaf labels

Herbies round glass ashtray comes in a box of 6 with mixed logo styles (3 script, 3 H logo), and in 3 colours (purple, blue, green)

Herbies is a Canadian company distributed from Pickering, Ontario Canada.

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