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Resolution Colorado's Res Gel cleaner is sold individually.  24 bottles in a case. 

Res Gel cleaner is a natural, clay based formula cleaner that easily removes resin and tar from bongs, rigs, bubblers, hand pipes, accessories, grinders, jars, hands, and even clothes.  It is free of abrasive sales and low in volatile organic compounds which makes it friendlier on the environment and safer on your glass.

Res Gel comes in a shake-a-bag, resealable pouch to make cleaning accessories and hand pipes easier, just drop them in the pouch and shake.

Resolution Colorado Canadian wholesaler.

Res Caps can be found here

*Tip: Pair with Randy's brushes for easier cleaning

1 1/2" brush can be found here

2" brush can be found here

3 brush set can be found here

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