Raw - 1 1/4 Papers

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Raw 1 1/4 classic, organic, and black rolling papers come with 24 packs per box

Classic: The classic Raw 1 1/4 papers are a pure, less processed paper made of a hybrid blend of unbleached fibers.  This makes the papers a natural light brown colour that combined with their criss-cross watermark helps prevent runs and gives a smooth even burn.

Organic: Raw organic rolling papers are made from chlorine free pure hemp processed in an eco-friendly manner.  This results in a very thin paper that burns extra clean and slow.  It also features the same criss-cross watermark as the Raw classic papers to prevent runs.  Raw organic papers have a natural, light, and pure, clean tasting smoke.

Black: Raw black is their thinnest unbleached paper because it is double pressed extra-fine.  Perfect for top quality buds to really taste the terpenes.

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